Discover the TYNYBAY culture and what makes us a great place to work. Learn about our core values, benefits, initiatives, and growth opportunities.

Our values define who we are

We are committed to building a team that is uncompromising in its values. These values decide who gets rewarded or let go from the team.

Deliver Excellence with Speed 

You prioritise attacking difficult challenges and exchange thoughtful feedback.

You constantly deliver measurable value to customers, team and oneself by learning continuously.

You are passionate, proactive and do more with less.

Innovate at Scale

You are a dreamer, open to constant change and persistent.

You move fast and fail right.

You notice all the available alternatives and then make a better choice.

Lead with Responsibility

You lead with empathy and have a keen ability to find best in others.

You make every decision and measure every outcome on what’s best for our customers.

You take ownership of the failures/success and be a person the team can always rely on.

Maintain Integrity

You connect, keep an open mind and celebrate differences.

You are trust worthy, reliable, and committed to work ethic.

You practice open and honest communication.

Keep Things Simple

You break problems into small pieces and conquer one piece at a time.

You love what you do and have fun while doing it.

You are appreciative, optimistic and positive.

The TYNYpreneurs Way

Freedom & Responsibility

At TYNYBAY, we value freedom and responsibility as two sides of the same coin. Our TYNYpreneurs are given the freedom to take charge of their work and make decisions, but with the understanding that they also have the responsibility to deliver results and be accountable for their actions.

Well, we all make mistakes at the end of the day. We believe that owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility is crucial for growth and development.

By fostering a culture of freedom and responsibility, we empower our team with the ability to dream, think, and act without fear of being judged, and the ability to be accountable for one’s actions.

Perks & Benefits

Enjoy the Perks of Being a TYNYpreneur

Benefits that go beyond the basics: Perks to boost your well-being, career, and life.

Learning & Development
Never stop learning with our continuous upskilling initiatives
Flexible Hybrid Working
Achieve your best work-life balance with our hybrid work model
200+ hours of Paid Time Off
Unwind and recharge with our flexible PTO policy of 200+ hours
Unlimited Leaves*
Work hard and play harder with our unlimited paid time off
Generous Salary
Competitive compensation that rewards your talent and hard work
Unlimited Leaves*
Work hard and play harder with our unlimited paid time off
Generous Salary
Competitive compensation that rewards your talent and hard work
Contribution to Provident Fund
Invest in your future with our Provident Fund contribution
Health Insurance
Stay protected with comprehensive health coverage
Unlimited Doctor Consultations
We care for you - enjoy unlimited doctor consultations on us.

You’ll work on Cloud Native stack

New Stack, New Culture, New Results


Certifications to Empower Your Career Growth

We provide certification programs to help you stay ahead of the curve in your career

AWS Solutions

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

MongoDB Developer Certification

NodeJs Services Developer - JSNSD

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer


Hackathons, Workshops and TownHalls

Embrace innovation with our dynamic events, from high-energy hackathons to informative workshops and engaging town halls.


Building the Future: Participate in Our Hackathons

Join our hackathons and turn your ideas into reality! Collaborate with fellow TYNYpreneurs to solve real-world problems and showcase your skills.


Learn and Grow with Our Tailored Workshops

Our workshops provide an opportunity to learn new skills and stay updated with the latest trends in technology. From programming to design, we’ve got you covered.


The TYNYBAY Town Square: Bringing Our Team Together

Our Townhalls are a platform for open communication and idea-sharing. Come share your thoughts and learn about the latest updates and initiatives at TYNYBAY.

Paving The Way

Our Vision for a More Inclusive Workplace

We believe that diversity is our strength and that every individual has something unique to offer.

We hire Lateral, Freshers

We believe in giving equal opportunities to individuals from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, be it lateral or fresher, to join our team and contribute.

We also normalise Career breaks & Career shifting

We understand that career paths are not always linear. We embrace and support individuals who have taken a career break or are looking to shift their careers.


Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech at TYNYBAY

Empowering women in tech with equal opportunities and support to achieve their career goals is at the heart of our initiative.


Embracing Diversity for
Greater Innovation


Fostering a Culture of
Inclusivity for All


Driving Equity for a Fair
and Just Workplace

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