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Dedicated Engineers or Engineering Teams

Handpicked Cloud Native Full Stack Developers perfectly tailored to your needs.

To build a successful team for your project, it’s crucial to strike a balance between cultural fit, diversity, and talent. We understand the importance of finding someone who not only understands your needs but also goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional results. That’s why we use a structured process to build a dedicated team tailored to your long-term goals. Our team of high-performance Cloud Native specialists possesses the expertise you need to create solutions.

Mastering Cloud Native Stack

New Stack, New Culture, New Results

Our Offerings

Hire Cloud Native Full Stack Engineers

Access top-notch engineering talent to build and maintain scalable and resilient applications that meet your business needs.

Dedicated Engineer

Hire a Cloud Native Full Stack Engineer for long-term projects.

Dedicated Team

Build a team of Cloud Native Full Stack Engineers for complex projects.

Fractional Engineers

Hire a part-time or Fractional CTO/Architect for ongoing support

Our Capabilities

Our team of engineers are proficient in various frameworks.

With each member possessing unique skills and strengths, specifically, our engineers excel in

Tech Stack


AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect

NodeJs Services Developer - JSNSD

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Crafting clean and well-documented code
Demonstrating a strong understanding of Microservices / Distributed / Decoupled Architecture Patterns
Having strong fundamental knowledge of DevOps, Containers, and Cloud technologies
Capable of efficiently refactoring code with a Test Driven Development Approach
Good understanding of database management and schema design
Case Studies

Examples of our work

Streamlining Project Management in the Construction Industry

Streamline construction project management with a comprehensive solution that improves collaboration, real-time visibility, and budget management while offering a user-friendly interface that doesn’t …

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Transforming Edinspire’s E-Learning Experience With TYNYBAY's Customized Platform

Learn how TYNYBAY’s e-learning platform helped EdInspire streamline their processes, enhance communication, and provide a seamless learning experience.

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Revamping Front-end Dashboard for Data-driven Decision Making in Facility Management

Learn how our team revamped Helixsense’s front-end dashboard for indoor monitoring, using React to create easy-to-use and easy-to-understand features, and our expertise in project…

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Impact Stories

Would go to war with TYNYBAY’s team on my side. They assisted us by being our cloud-native partner for our client TATA AIG by modernizing their production infrastructure using Kubernetes, containerizing their critical apps, and automating builds and deployment. They did an outstanding job, with exceptional craftsmanship and a deep understanding of emerging technology.

Himanshu Gupta
Co-Founder, Iorta Technologies

“TYNYBAY Inc has been an invaluable partner for our construction management company. They understood our needs, communicated consistently, and delivered impressive edge technology PoCs in record time. Their unwavering dedication and commitment have exceeded our expectations from day one and throughout our years of partnership. We highly recommend TYNYBAY Inc as a trusted technology solutions partner, resulting in increased efficiency and success.”

Ravi Polishetty,
CEO, SuperConstruct
At the core, TYNYpreneurs loves taking on challenges, solving problems at scale and always striving to improve efficiency at lightning-fast speed.


At TYNYBAY, we have built engineering teams for startups and organizations alike, giving us a unique understanding of your challenges and how to solve them.

Cloud Native Full Stack Developers

Our Cloud Native Developers are experts in building scalable, agile, and resilient applications that can meet your business needs, allowing for faster time-to-market and high availability even in the face of failures.

Rigorous Hiring Process Identifies Top Talent

We follow a 6-step hiring process to identify individuals with the right attitude, logical thinking ability, attention to detail, and strong passion to make a meaningful impact through technology. This ensures that we only have the most competent and driven individuals on our team.

Continuous Upskilling with 22+ Monthly Hours

We invest at least 22 hours each month in up-skilling our resources. Our engineers are encouraged to constantly up-skill themselves and stay up-to-date with modern best practices through our rigorous learning and development program, workshops, and mentorship programs.

R&D Challenges & Hackathons

Our R&D team regularly creates challenges and hackathons to battle-test our engineers on various parameters and skills. We provide numerous resources, including access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, to help our engineers perform better.

Customer Centric Engineers

We take full ownership and responsibility for the solutions we build, ensuring your satisfaction and success. Additionally, we are flexible and tailor our approach to your changing needs and requirements.

Our Experts

Featured TYNYpreneurs

Get in touch with our TYNYpreneurs to discuss your project requirements and explore how we can help you build a scalable, resilient, and agile application for your business.

Krishna Teja
Senior Software Engineer
Swapna Anumula
Software Development Engineer Manager
Ajay Chandra
Software Development Engineer
Shiva Prasad
Associate Software Engineer
Mounika Musham
Associate Software Engineer

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