Cloud Native Computing, Simplified.

Doing Cloud Native the Right Way

Doing Cloud-Native right is bringing key components that need to exist together, and implementing them independently in perfect harmony. Key components are Agile & DevOps methodologies, Service Mesh, Microservices & Container Orchestration. We do it right by creating ecosystems that bring the right people, processes, partners and tools.
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Key Components of Doing Cloud Native the Right Way.
Masters of Doing it Right
The key to doing cloud-native right is to treat cloud-native transformation as a process rather than putting pressure on the stakeholders involved. Planning and Implementation of this process are possible when the right set of leaders are involved.
Karl Schubert
Co-founder, Strategy
Rohith Reddy
Co-founder, Tech

Cloud orchestrations isn’t a trend to shift towards, it is a necessity to increase your application agility, flexibility, and scalability.

How 'Doing it Right' Benefited Our Clients?
Enterprise Risk Management

Consistent Innovation Driven by Ecosystem Partnerships

As Kubernetes certified professionals, our engineers have a deep understanding of Kubernetes, its key components, and how they all tie together.
Our CNCF Silver membership helps us realise our mission of using the right practices to escalate the cloud-native transformation of our partners.
Our partnership with Confluent (Kafka), helps us solve complex challenges involving data integration through the use of a central stream data pipeline.
As Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners, we are authorised to design, build, and manage AWS workloads to help clients accelerate their journey to the cloud.


Certified Experts

Every TYNYpreneur is a certified professional in the Cloud-Native stack. Our team members are proficient in Agile & Scrum principles, delivering value at every stage of the engagement.

Process & Framework

Our proven processes and frameworks reduce the lead time to prepare production-ready clusters. We ensure that the processes followed are lean and the framework facilitates an efficient timeline for production.


Technology Transformation Programs add more value when they are tailor-made to the customers' needs. We guarantee that our experts/consultants craft solutions that work seamlessly for you.

100% Remote

In 2020, many businesses succumbed to adapt to the workforce’s “new normal” (#WFH). We are a 100% remote team spread across the world. Most importantly, we can pass on all our cost savings to you.
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Karl Schubert
Co-founder, Strategy
Rohith Reddy
Co-founder, Tech
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Take advantage of our experience and let us help you ramp up your technology initiatives and reduce the time to business value.
Technology is at our core, but we don’t leave you at that, we travel with you and build a comprehensive ecosystem. We design strategy, offer technical assistance, and help improve and optimize your journey by conducting feedback sessions, providing custom improvisation plans and retrospective workshops for different teams in the organization.

Let's build a future together, a progressive one indeed.
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