Our Mission

Building an ecosystem for enterprises to advance their cloud-native initiatives

Our values define who we are...

Lead with Responsibility

Our company exists to help enterprises advance their Cloud Native initiatives. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.

Maintain Integrity

We’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. Through each collaboration, we further our pursuit of excellence.

Keep things simple

We know simplifying Cloud Native computing is hard. We tackle the complexity, manage the details, and deliver streamlined experiences for our customers.

Innovate Rapidly

Innovation is the nucleus of our company. We value original thinking, attacking difficult challenges, and giving and receiving thoughtful feedback.

Deliver Excellence

We constantly push ourselves to excel, focus on solutions, and start every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion, and hard work.

Think Scale

We understand scale is at the core of Cloud Native computing. We strategize in terms of scale when we design and implement every process, framework, and tool.

Our Founding Story

  • Pandemic 2020 is changing the course of every enterprise in the world, and only those who can adapt to new skills, working remotely, processes, and especially new technologies can survive. To put it simply, enterprises have to rethink their ecosystem to lead their industries confidently in the new normal.
  • We founded TYNYBAY Inc. with the mission of building an ecosystem for enterprises to advance their Cloud Native initiatives.
  • We are a remote Cloud-Native partner for enterprises. Every member of our team is a TYNYpreneur who operates with a startup mindset, prioritizing action over painstaking research and testing over laborious analysis while keeping the process lean.
Founding Team

Karl Schubert

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy
In senior-level roles that include CIO, CTO, Global SVP of Engineering and Development, I've developed a steadfast reputation over the course of my 20+ year career for driving multibillion-dollar strategic business growth.

Rohith Reddy

Co-Founder, CTO
I am a Technology Entrepreneur who is passionate about solving complex problems using technology in the simplest possible way. For most of the past decade, I have worked in dynamic start-up environments.

Gavin Dawson

Co-Founder, Sales
Over the past 10 years, I’ve been a trusted partner for the clients across Healthcare, BFSI, Retail & eCommerce, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Energy, and ISV’s (Technology Companies) ranging from Startups to Fortune 500.

Sandeep Reddy

Co-Founder, Growth
Just Another Dreamer!! Chasing Dreams!!

A sportsman at heart, a dreamer with a goal, passionate about solving problems by leveraging technology and functional design.


Certified Experts

Every TYNYpreneur is a certified professional in the Cloud-Native stack. Our team members are proficient in Agile & Scrum principles, delivering value at every stage of the engagement.

Process & Framework

Our proven processes and frameworks reduce the lead time to prepare production-ready clusters. We ensure that the processes followed are lean and the framework facilitates an efficient timeline for production.


Technology Transformation Programs add more value when they are tailor-made to the customers' needs. We guarantee that our experts/consultants craft solutions that work seamlessly for you.

100% Remote

In 2020, many businesses succumbed to adapt to the workforce’s “new normal” (#WFH). We are a 100% remote team spread across the world. Most importantly, we can pass on all our cost savings to you.
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