Building Cloud Native Ecosystem for Startups to Innovate Rapidly and Scale Great Products.

Our values define who we are

We are committed to building a team that is uncompromising in its values. These values decide who gets rewarded or let go from the team.

Lead with Responsibility

You lead with empathy and have a keen ability to find best in others.

You make every decision and measure every outcome on what’s best for our customers.

You take ownership of the failures/success and be a person the team can always rely on.

Innovate at Scale

You are a dreamer, open to constant change and persistent.

You move fast and fail right.

You notice all the available alternatives and then make a better choice.

Deliver Excellence

You prioritise attacking difficult challenges and exchange thoughtful feedback.

You constantly deliver measurable value to customers, team and oneself by learning continuously.

You are passionate, proactive and do more with less.

Maintain Integrity

You are trust worthy, reliable, and committed to work ethic.

You connect, keep an open mind and celebrate differences.

You practice open and honest communication.

Keep Things Simple

You break problems into small pieces and conquer one piece at a time.

You love what you do and have fun while doing it.

You are appreciative, optimistic and positive.

Our Founding Story

TYNYBAY INC, a Kubernetes consulting company founded in 2020, we enable and empower teams to get the most out of the Cloud Native ecosystem. Every member of our team is a TYNYpreneur who operates with a startup mindset, prioritizing action over painstaking research and testing over laborious analysis while keeping the process lean.

15K+ Hours

Kubernetes Expertise

150K+ Hours

Mean Stack Expertise

10K+ Hours

Time Saved for Client Teams

20+ Teams

Enabled and Empowered

Freedom and Responsibility

A famous quote reads, “Freedom without boundaries is chaos”. Freedom is most often misunderstood to be the absence of responsibilities, but we believe freedom is knowing when to row the boat forward, when to row the boat backward, and when to stop, so that you and your team on the boat will not fall off the cliff.

Well, we all do make mistakes at the end of the day. Hence, owning the mistake is a responsibility that comes with freedom.

In simple terms, freedom is the ability to dream, think and act without fear of being judged and responsibility is the ability to being accountable for one’s actions….

Become a TYNYpreneur

Here are the perks that help you thrive at TYNYBAY. Join a growing team of TYNYpreneurs.

Learning & Development
Flexible Hybrid Working
200+ hours of Paid Time Off
Unlimited Leaves*
Generous Salary
Contribution to Provident Fund
Health Insurance
Unlimited Doctor Consultations
Coming soon

Mastering Cloud Native Landscape

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Mastering Cloud Native Landscape

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