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Transforming Edinspire’s E-Learning Experience With Tynybay’s Customized Platform

Product Development

EdInspire faced challenges with manual processes and communication gaps, which impacted their productivity and student experience. TYNYBAY's comprehensive e-learning platform addressed their needs by integrating CRM, VLE, SIS, and staff portal into one application, offering a user-friendly interface for all stakeholders. The platform streamlined their processes, enhanced communication, and provided a seamless learning experience for their students. TYNYBAY faced challenges in integrating different features and ensuring compatibility and responsiveness across devices. But, they used agile methodology, received regular feedback, and used cutting-edge technologies to overcome these challenges. The platform significantly improved EdInspire's operations, reduced their costs, and empowered their growth. Ongoing improvements include adding more features and conducting a user feedback survey.


A Cloud Native Consulting Company founded in 2020. We enable and empower teams to get the most out of the Cloud Native ecosystem. Our team of experts, known as TYNYpreneurs, are all certified Kubernetes and Cloud architects.

Cory Project

Building A Digital Wallet And Online Payment App Using Blockchain Technology - The Cory Project

TYNYBAY helped a non-tech founder from the USA build a prototype for a digital wallet and online payment app using blockchain technology.

Idea to Prototype

Building a Custom Mobile App for EVRE to Enhance User Experience

Developing a custom mobile application for EVRE to provide a better user experience and access to all functionalities.

Mobile App
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Senior Software Engineer
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Software Development Engineer Manager
Ajay Chandra
Software Development Engineer
Shiva Prasad
Associate Software Engineer
Mounika Musham
Associate Software Engineer

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