We are dealing with APIs and every millisecond counts.

Don't let high latency deflate your business volumes!

Great applications and simple interference are definitely important (last decade necessity, now a default) but faster response is the ultimate factor weighing customer satisfaction, and that is what makes them stick around and transact more. From structuring your real-time APIs to addressing latency issues, building compatible, secure ecosystem, here are some key insights that you should be focusing on right now.
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"APIs — The Determining Agents Between Success or Failure of Digital
Business” suggests that over 90% companies seek a latency of less than 50
milliseconds and nearly 60% of them expect it to be 20ms or less"

IDC Report
Your fancy application may be a crowd-puller
but the “RESPONSE TIME” is what
leads to transaction volumes!
Imagine driving through a busy road when your car breaks down car and the next thing you hear is maniac hocking from people around you! They either go bonkers honking or try to pick other routes to reach their destination. This is exactly what happens when your APIs have high latency and response times… you either get negative feedback from users or they go to your competitors!

So as a FinTech, one of the biggest focus areas of all time should revolve around Minimising API Latency and Boost Response Times.

“Just a few seconds” isn’t tolerable anymore!High API latency drags down your response times and the consequences could be damaging.
These factors may be the culprits in weighing down your API latency
  • Interdependencies
    FinTechs and interdependencies go hand-in-hand. Shifting dynamics across application/ infrastructure/ endpoint interdependencies make way for high latencies, security breaches and unexpected outages.
  • Complexity of your application
    Modern applications are highly componentized built from self-hosted infrastructure. Along with the increase in application complexity, there is an increase in potential points of failure (including high latency).
  • Demand Peaks
    Demand peaks can turn ugly for response times. Think Black Friday or the 4th of July, the demand peaks at these times could also spike your API latency.

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    Going by its reliable communication and simplicity, monolith architecture for your basic development needs; but as your business grows, you need an architecture that accommodates your scaling and flexibility needs. API modernization i.e., switching from monolith to microservices, is your solution and TYNYBAY Inc., is the best place for you to find it.
    Irregularities and versioning issues could be lagging your API possibilities leading to higher latencies, prolonged response times, and flexibility issues. Our solution to these challenges – robust cloud-nativeAPI ecosystems. We help you plan and build concrete cloud-native ecosystems that are flexible, scalable and deliver consistent performance.
    Be it your own API or a third-party API, security and performance are two things that pose challenges from time to time. But with TYNYBAY Inc., these aren’t your concerns any more. From resolving API security issues to continuous performance optimisation, we take the lead to help you monitor your real time APIs.

From scalable infrastructure to observability-driven API monitoring, we put our strongest minds on the forefront to plan and execute FinTech-specific cloud-native solutions.

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