DevOps Implementation

Everything as "Code"

Automating your code and deployment pipeline with continuous integration, testing & deployment, DevOps is the approach of treating everything as code and working towards quality. The approach brings development & operations teams together to work in harmony, leading to increased productivity, elevates code quality and accelerates pace of product delivery

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat Small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. - Rupert Murdoch.

No matter what niche you operate in, gone are the days when BIG was considered the route to success! What matters today is the pace at which you innovate and deliver customer experiences! Speed is now The Differentiator and DevOps plays a key role in helping enterprises achieve the speed they need to rollout better software at a rapid pace.

Putting this "need for speed" on the forefront, we help you build and rollout software faster, improve collaboration between remote teams and increase developer productivity using DevOps automation and modern application development practices.

Focus on the culture

DevOps helps you move to Continuous Delivery, thereby, you could enjoy resilient systems, better throughput, and faster time to market. The right tools and practices are definitely important for DevOps implementation, but the right culture is what takes the efforts forward. Thinking of DevOps as the use of a set of tools to change the face of the organisation, You Couldn't Be More Wrong! DevOps is more about the way you look at your entire value chain. For an organisation to claim that a particular software product adheres to the DevOps standards, all aspects of the value chain must implement the methodologies, principles and practices set forth by DevOps.

As masters of doing it right, we help you create the right culture to adopt to and benefit from DevOps.

What we do

Implementing DevOps for organisations could be challenging given the complexity of multiple tools and process involved in the journey. We simplify the DevOps Transformation with our proven processes and frameworks and help enterprises achieve their goals 3x faster.

  • DevOps Consulting & Strategy - Your internal technology teams may have already started attempting to move towards DevOps. At the same time Gartner's prediction - "... through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change." may not be ignored. Don't let this be the cause of worry! We're here to shift the pressure off your teams and draw the focus on the process, so your teams can focus on the organisational goals! From defining the strategies, planning, to upskilling your teams, we are here to help you succeed your DevOps transformations. We make sure the you get the best value of the DevOps ecosystem.

  • DevOps Implementation – Not all organizations have the bandwidth to implement DevOps internally. But they are constantly looking for ways to improve their core product or application. Are you such an organization? Are you looking for experts to handle your DevOps and accelerate your business velocity? Let's get you started. Our DevOps engineers serve as an extended engineering team to help you implement DevOps. With a decade-long experience, our global DevOps Experts have worked on DevOps implementations for various organisations across industries. They would be your own team dedicating their expertise to handle your organization’s DevOps needs. The best part is we are remote so we pass on all the cost savings to you!

  • Center of Excellence - Build your own DevOps Team – DevOps is definitely the way forward and you may be contemplating on the idea of having an internal DevOps team. We help you set up a Center of Excellence. We start with a workshop to train your teams, understand your needs and design necessary strategies, processes accordingly. This way, you could build your DevOps teams and get started in as less as 60 days. We don't leave it there, we work with you for 3 months post the setup of COE, to monitor, improve and stabilize the performance of the COE as whole, while also working to improving the DevOps Implementation.

Examples of our work

  • Analysed and helped a large travel company transform its product with DevOps helping it rollout software almost 10x faster. With our services, the client was able to reduce the software rollout cycle from 1 week to 3 hours.
  • Assisted our clients building Center of Excellence for DevOps to cater to their various business needs addressing both short and long term goals.
  • Assisted our clients building Center of Excellence for DevOps to cater to their various business needs addressing both short and long term goals.

Our Capabilities

  • Our multi-functional team has an expertise handling multiple DevOps Tools & Processes to suit the needs of organizations across industries.
  • Our teams have worked both Opensource technologies like Jenkins, Jenkinsx while also helping enterprises implement DevOps using tools like CircleCI, AWS CodeBuild, Pipeline & Deploy.
  • Being a Certified Cloud Native Consulting Partner with Kubernetes helps us bring our expertise around Containers & Hybrid Cloud Strategies into your DevOps Transformation Roadmap.



Karl Schubert

Co-Founder, Strategy

Rohith Reddy

Co-Founder, Technology




Certified Experts

Every TYNYpreneur is a certified professional in the Cloud-Native stack. Our team members are proficient in Agile & Scrum principles, delivering value at every stage of the engagement.

Process & Framework

Our proven processes and frameworks reduce the lead time to prepare production-ready clusters. We ensure that the processes followed are lean and the framework facilitates an efficient timeline for production.


Technology Transformation Programs add more value when they are tailor-made to the customers' needs. We guarantee that our experts/consultants craft solutions that work seamlessly for you.

100% Remote

In 2020, many businesses succumbed to adapt to the workforce’s “new normal” (#WFH). We are a 100% remote team spread across the world. Most importantly, we can pass on all our cost savings to you.
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