Rapid Application Development

Accelerated Product Development is the key to innovation-driven growth as a strategic differentiator

Getting product engineering right remains to be one of the key challenges that startups face while accelerating their product development. Ignoring simple things like not measuring the code coverage, managing the technical debt, or poor planning of decoupling the microservices could turn out to be very costly. In addition, they could also make the development cycles lengthier. To effectively iterate on customer feedback, the engineering team has to be equipped with the right people, process, and infrastructure automation to release software faster, and many startups fail at this.
Agile has also brought an emphasis on transformation! But remember, transformation is not only about shifting to technology, it is also about people, culture, workflows, and processes.

A growth-stage start-up or a large enterprise, we can accelerate your application development, and address your scalability concerns.

What we do

TYNYBAY is built on decades of experience and expertise of founders who have been a part of several innovation-driven projects. Using our Cloud Native Approach, we help engineering teams to shorten their release cycles, develop and deploy quality software faster.

1. Product Engineering Audit
1. Technology Architecture Audit
  • Microservices Pattern & Architecture Assessment
  • API Ecosystem Assessment
  • Deployment Architecture Review & Roadmap
  • Application Security Assessment
2. Application Development Best Practices Validation
  • Code Coverage & Unit Testing Practices Review
  • Technical Debt & Refactoring Plan Assessment
  • Code Quality Scanning Automation Review
2. Build Progressive Web & Mobile Apps
  • Web - Angular, Service Workers, Reusable Components , Unit Testing
  • Mobile* - Flutter
  • Deployment Architecture Review & Roadmap
  • Highly Scalable Distributed API's* - Node / Express
  • Microservices / Service Mesh & Cloud Native Approach
  • Server-less* ( Faster time to market, more dependency on Cloud Providers )
  • Database - MongoDB / Postgres
  • Code Quality & Security* - Code Coverage, Encryption & Security
3. Infrastructure Automation
  • Containers & Orchestration - Docker, GoHarbor & Kubernetes
  • CI / CD - Jenkins / Argo
  • Observability & Monitoring - OpenTelemetry, Jaeger & Prometheus
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation

Examples of our work

  • Using a combination of best practices of Microservices, DevOps, and Agile methodologies, our Product Development team built the Risk Management Platform - Qoris, for Udbhata.
  • Catered our services to an NGO Goodclap and built its Crowdfunding Platform, through which the NGO collected more than $400K. The performance of the application has been consistent with 100% uptime for 3 years.
  • Partnered with Vdezi to build their core integration modules using microservices. We extended our services and helped them in RAD.

Our Capabilities

  • Our product engineers are experts in MEAN and MERN stack with more than 100K hours of development expertise on JavaScript & Node Js.
  • Our teams have worked on both Opensource technologies like Jenkins, Jenkinsx while also helping enterprises implement DevOps using tools like CircleCI, AWS CodeBuild, Pipeline & Deploy.
  • Being a Certified Cloud Native Consulting Partner with Kubernetes helps us bring our expertise around Containers & Hybrid Cloud Strategies into your DevOps Transformation Roadmap.
  • Our Site Reliability Engineers are proficient in handling different monitoring tools and processes to help your organization set up Reliability processes and frameworks. Our engineers have expertise in AWS, GCP, Azure, and other DevOps & Monitoring tools such as Jenkins, Circle CI, Terraform, Ansible, OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, Prometheus, and Nagios.


Karl Schubert - Chief Advisor

Karl Schubert

Co-Founder, Strategy
Rohit Reddy Gopu - CTO

Rohith Reddy

Co-Founder, Technology


Kubernetes certified CNCF MemberLinux Foundation Member AWS Partner Confluent - Kafka

Our Thinking


Certified Experts

Every TYNYpreneur is a certified professional in the Cloud-Native stack. Our team members are proficient in Agile & Scrum principles, delivering value at every stage of the engagement.

Process & Framework

Our proven processes and frameworks reduce the lead time to prepare production-ready clusters. We ensure that the processes followed are lean and the framework facilitates an efficient timeline for production.


Technology Transformation Programs add more value when they are tailor-made to the customers' needs. We guarantee that our experts/consultants craft solutions that work seamlessly for you.

100% Remote

In 2020, many businesses succumbed to adapt to the workforce’s “new normal” (#WFH). We are a 100% remote team spread across the world. Most importantly, we can pass on all our cost savings to you.

Doing it right for faster time to market

Stop Paying for what you don't use!
Dedicating years of expertise to pandemic-driven scarcity
Connect with Cloud Native certified talents from around the globe
Getting the right people on board translates to value and eliminates project inaccuracies and delays! Certifications, skills, capabilities, and attitudes are what you should look for in your people.  

With Cloud Native certified teams working remotely on a common goal, we bring "Limitless" hackathon capabilities to understand, strategize, build and launch products/features faster. Our TYNYpreneurs help you build scalable modern applications rapidly.  
Dedicating years of expertise to pandemic-driven scarcity
The right process to achieve the desired results
The process you choose answers the "how" aspect of your product development. With the right processes, you can automate processes, iterate faster, reuse code, and build faster.

Using an incremental approach, DevOps, GitOps, and SRE, we apply the 12-factor methodology to your organizational goals with a concrete strategy and roadmap, break down data silos, and keeping technical debt ≤ 1%.
Dedicating years of expertise to pandemic-driven scarcity
Build your digital product with the right technology to scale
Drafting a concrete product development strategy to develop faster and scalable is possible when you choose the right tech stack. The right tools at each layer of application development help avoid code quality issues, rework, and security issues, determine the time to market.

TYNYpreneurs, as a team focussing on scalability from the word go, use Cloud Native Technologies like Node, Prometheus, Istio, Agro, Flux, Docker, and infrastructures like AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean. We apply observability-driven frameworks for application performance monitoring from day 1.
Dedicating years of expertise to pandemic-driven scarcity
Find the right partner ecosystem to innovate rapidly and scale
The right partner ecosystem helps expand your knowledge, expertise, and resources, and adds complementary capabilities, essential to ensure scalability, flexibility and accelerates your time to market.

Partnerships with Linux, CNCF, Kubernetes, RedHat, Confluent, AWS, and Azure add credibility to our capabilities. They help us bring people, processes, and technologies together to work in harmony to build scalable, flexible, reliable, and high-performing Cloud Native products.
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