Containers & Kubernetes

Enabling Resilient, Agile, and Highly Available Deployments

Hybrid cloud adoption and a solid container strategy have become the essentials for enterprise organizations to sustain and dive ahead. With features such as auto-scaling, storage orchestration, load balancing, and batch execution, Kubernetes is becoming a core for organizations aspiring to boost their agility and flexibility.
However, life-and-shift is not ideal anymore! Migrating to cloud-native and boosting agility and innovation while cutting down IT costs, require a new approach altogether. It requires a cultural change where people, processes, and workflows work in harmony to create applications with the cloud in mind.

Kubernetes fundamentally democratized the privilege that the cloud vendors enjoyed for a decade when it came to scaling internet applications. It offers a cloud/vendor-agnostic approach towards building cloud and scalable applications and is considered one of the biggest revolutions to democratize the monopoly of cloud companies.

As Kubernetes certified orchestration partners, we help enterprises/growth stage start-ups deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters. Applying their expertise in designing & developing enterprise-grade container platforms like Rancher, Openshift, and EKS, our teams provide assistance to ensure seamless migration of your existing applications to Kubernetes & Cloud Native.

What we do

As a part of our Kubernetes implementation, our engineers start with an assessment of your current workloads, develop a strategic plan and create an ecosystem with the right tools. To add value, we use container orchestration and customize it to suit your business needs. We extend our services by applying proven techniques to monitor the security of the clusters and pods.

Kubernetes Kickoff

Ideal for - Enterprises getting started with Kubernetes implementation.

As a part of the package, we

  • Help you navigate through the fragmented landscape of Cloud Native.
  • Engage with your cross-functional teams to create the strategy.
  • Design, build and deploy production ready applications using Kubernetes.

We start with a workshop to train your existing resources on Kubernetes/Docker & GitOps followed by a discovery session to define and design the architecture for production clusters.

We provide a 15-day services plan along with the Kickoff package. The plan can be utilized in 3 months from the date of engagement.

EKS, AKS & GKE Kickoff

Ideal for – Enterprises already using cloud services but need help in setting up their clusters using managed Kubernetes Engines.

Ideal for – Enterprises already using cloud services but need help in setting up their clusters using managed Kubernetes Engines.

As a part of the package, we

  • Access your current status and assign certified resources to accelerate your Kubernetes Implementation.
  • We help with capacity planning, setting up the monitoring tools, and train your internal resources so they get accustomed to managed Kubernetes engines.

Examples of our work

Using Istio, we assisted a client to achieve multi-tenancy for a SaaS product on Kubernetes. The use of Jenkins for pipeline automation was key for accelerating the development and release cycles. With Istio managing every detail involving the microservices, the developers got to focus more on business logic so the organizational goals were met with greater efficiency.

Our Capabilities

Being a Cloud-Native Consulting Partner certified in Kubernetes, our competence in Kubernetes Implementation reflects through our work. Our authority over the methodologies will complement the skillset that your teams already have. In many of our earlier engagements, we were able to act as a catalyst and as an extended engineering team.

Our Kubernetes Engineers have expertise with Kubernetes tools like AKS, EKS, Rancher, and OpenShift. Through the experience and expertise, we can suggest the right set of tools and ensure the fundamental principles of Cloud Native are enforced at every stage of the project.



Karl Schubert

Co-Founder, Strategy

Rohith Reddy

Co-Founder, Technology



Our Thinking


Certified Experts

Every TYNYpreneur is a certified professional in the Cloud-Native stack. Our team members are proficient in Agile & Scrum principles, delivering value at every stage of the engagement.

Process & Framework

Our proven processes and frameworks reduce the lead time to prepare production-ready clusters. We ensure that the processes followed are lean and the framework facilitates an efficient timeline for production.


Technology Transformation Programs add more value when they are tailor-made to the customers' needs. We guarantee that our experts/consultants craft solutions that work seamlessly for you.

100% Remote

In 2020, many businesses succumbed to adapt to the workforce’s “new normal” (#WFH). We are a 100% remote team spread across the world. Most importantly, we can pass on all our cost savings to you.
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